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About Tsé Bit'a'í

    Shiprock is the English name for Tsé Bit'a'í, which is the Dine' name meaning "Rock with Wings".   Because it is sacred to the Dine', climbing around on it is strictly forbidden.  Tsé Bit'a'í  figures into several stories, and is part of several ceremonies.  This is what makes it sacred- it is part of the current Dine' history and ceremonial life.
    Geologically, Tsé Bit'a'í is the remnant of an extinct volcano.  Called a diatreme, it is one of many such features throughout the region.  Considered to be 27 million years old, Tsé Bit'a'í  is quite young in relation to the sedimentary rocks through which it emerges, which make up the Colorado Plateau, and are hundreds of millions of years old.  For more information about the Shiprock area, visit the Shiprock page at Wikipedia.
    Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers over the years, the Shiprock Marathon has been hosted here annually for the past 32 years.  The marathon, half marathon, and marathon relay pass right by Tsé Bit'a'í  on their way to the town of Shiprock where the run ends.  From its simple beginning in 1984, the Shiprock Marathon has grown to include over 1500 runners.  It is a USATF-certified event (#NM14011JF), and may be run to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

    The 2017 Shiprock Marathon includes the following events:

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