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Shiprock Marathon Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is easy to use. Simply click on a question and the answer will appear.

  1. How do I register for the Shiprock Marathon?

  2. I do not have a computer at the sheepcamp. How do I register for the marathon?

  3. Do all runners receive medals?

  4. How can I print out all the rules and info for the Shiprock Marathon?

  5. Where will packet pick-up be?

  6. Can one person pick up all the packets for an entire relay team?

  7. How long are the legs for the Relay event?

  8. What kind of course support will be provided during the marathon?

  9. What will I do with my warm-up gear and personal items during the race?

  10. Will there be any pre-race meal offered on Friday?

  11. Where does all the registration money go?

  12. What are the relay team rules?

  13. What are the age limits to be able to run in Marathon events?

  14. Where is the bus loading zone located?

  15. Is there a deadline for making registration changes?

  16. Is there a website for the Shiprock Marathon?

Any other questions? Contribute to this FAQ by sending your questions to info@shiprockmarathon.com.

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